Product Range - Prepacks

Small, medium and large display stands and prepacks

Prepack Safety Wear Prepack TIG Starter Kit Prepack Tungsten Prepack Accessories Prepack Electrode Holder Prepack Clamps Prepack Welding Cable Prepack Cutting Torch Prepack Cable Kit Prepack BNZ Nozzles Prepack Lenses Prepack Dinse Plugs Prepack Machine Sockets Prepack Mixer Prepack Hose Kits Prepack Ear Plugs Prepack Swaged Nozzle Prepack Flashback Arrestor Prepack Nozzle Cleaner Prepack Flint and Lighters Prepack Contact Tip Prepack Cutting Nozzle Prepack Cable Lugs Prepack Flux Prepack Rods Retail Concept

Sport Style Spectacle
Euro Style Spectacle
Retail Concept - Small
Retail Concept - Medium
Retail Concept - Large
E6013 Mild Steel Rods 2.0mm
E6013 Mild Steel Rods 2.5mm
E6013 Mild Steel Rods 3.2mm
E7018 Low Hydrogen Rods 2.5mm
316L Stainless Steel Rods 2.5mm
316 L Stainless Steel Rods 3.2mm
312 Dissimilar Steel Rods 2.5mm
312 Dissimilar Steel Rods 3.2mm
ENiFe-C1 Cast Iron 55 Rods 2.5mm
ENiFe-C1 Cast Iron 55 Rods 3.2mm
Gouging Rods 3.2mm
Hard Facing 55 Rods 3.2mm
E4047 Aluminium Rods 2.5mm
CCR Gas Brazing Rods 3.2mm
BBR Bronze Brazing Rods 2.0mm
BBR Bronze Brazing Rods 3.0mm
BBR Flux Coated Brazing Rods 3.0mm
Silver Solder Rods 20% Bare 1.5mm



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