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Established in 2002, the first Promax Electrodes were manufactured and appeared on the South African Market. Promax Welding has a national footprint with 8 branches across South Africa, head office located in Johannesburg as well as an extensive network of distributors throughout the entire sub Saharan African region.

Promax manufactures SABS approved E6013 Mild Steel, E7018-1 Low Hydrogen, E7024 Iron Powder, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Gouging and Hard facing electrodes. Furthermore, Promax  imports of comprehensive range of quality welding and cutting products including the following  products and services:

•             Arc Welding Machines, Accessories and Consumables
•             Mig Welding Machines, Accessories and Consumables
•             Tig Welding Machines, Accessories and Consumables
•             Plasma Welding Machines, Accessories and Consumables
•             Gas Welding Accessories
•             Safety Gear & Equipment
•             Service and Repair of Welding Machines
•             Product Training

Promax is a division of Saffer Plumbing & Hardware.


Product Lines

... and growing. We're continually adding to our product offerings in line with customer demand. Expect more.


Distribution Points

You'll find our distinctive blue pre-packed range in hardware stores everywhere. Always conveniently to hand.


Years' Experience

Proven reliability, trusted by professional and DIY welders for well over a decade. Depend on Promax.


Everything you need for professional welding and cutting

  • Arc Welding

    Earth clamps, electrode holders, cables and accessories

  • Mig welding

    Torches, nozzles, gas diffusers, contact tips, etc

  • Tig Welding

    Tungsten electrodes, torches, ceramic nozzles and accessories

  • Plasma cutting

    Cutting torches and attachments, regulators, acetylene/oxygen hoses, etc.

  • GAS Welding

    Welding & Cutting Tool Kits, Cutting Torches, Cutting Attachemnts, Regulators and more

  • Safety wear

    Helmets, gloves, aprons, dust masks, goggles, ear plugs, etc to keep you safe.

  • Pre Packs

    Mig, Tig, Plasma, Gas, Arc & Safety prepacks


Stock the PROMAX range of welding products

Our most popular products – prepacked and supplied with convenient merchandising display stands – will fly off your shelves.

These concept ranges offer complete solutions for welding, soldering and brazing, together with appropriate safetywear.

Different options for small, medium and large retail outlets, as well as customising ranges for specific store type.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use an extension cable with my welding machine? What is 'duty cycle' and how is it calculated? Where can I go for welding training? Can you TIG weld with a normal arc welding machine?

Find the answers to these and other questions with our helpful tutorial videos.



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