Product Range - Consumbales

Our extensive consumable product range covers all the welding processes, and includes locally manufactured and imported electrodes for normal use as well as more specialised stainless steel, copper based, cast iron, hydrogen and hardfacing alloys.

12% Si Aluminium ARC Wire Brazing Rods Cast Iron Copper to Copper Cored Wire Fluxes Gas Rod Gouging Carbon Hardfacing Iron Powder Low Hydrogen MIG Wire Mild Steel Pro Gouge Silver Solder Stainless Steel TIG Wire

Sport Spectacles Green
Wrap Around Spectacles Clear
Wrap Around Spectacles Green
Mono Goggles
Brazing Goggles
PRO E6013 General Purpose Mild Steel
Superpro Mild Steel
E7024 - Iron Powder
ER4047 12% Si Aluminium
Pro Gouge
Pro Hard 55
Pro Hard 60
Pro Cast 55 ENiFe=C1 Cast Iron
Pro Cast 99 ENi=C1 Cast Iron
Stainox 308L-16 Stainless Steel
Stainox 309L-16 Stainless Steel
Stainox 312 Blue Stainless Steel
Stainox 316L-16 Stainless Steel
Gouging Carbon
Bronze Brazing Rods BBR Bare
Bronze Brazing Rods BBR Flux Coated
Copper Tec Copper to Copper
Pro Silver 20/30 Bare Ternalloy Silver Solder
Pro Silver 20/30 FC Flux Coated Silver Solder
ProWIRE ER70S-6 Mild Steel MIG Wire
ProARC ER100S-G High Tensile MIG Wire
Grandnox Stainless Steel MIG Wire
ER4043 5% Si Aluminium MIG Wire
ER5356 5% Mg Aluminium MIG Wire
E71T-1 Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire
E71T-11 (Gasless) Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire
E71T-11 (Gas Assisted) Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire
60HRC Hardfacing Flux Cored MIG Wire
55HRC Hardfacing Flux Cored MIG Wire
Pro CCR R45 Mild Steel Gas Rod
ProTIG ER70S-6 Mild Steel TIG Filler Wire
Grandnox Stainless Steel TIG Wire



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